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Greek education

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Greek education

The six professors of the Athens Polytechnic University were selected as the list of the world's top physicists. The Athens Polytechnic University is a public university founded in 1836 and is the oldest in Greece. The most prestigious institution of higher learning. It is also one of the best universities in Greece. The school's strong majors are engineering and natural sciences, ranking the 67th and 147th in the QS world.

known alumni have:

1: Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, 

2: Turing Award winner Joseph · Sparks, 

3: Greek Finance Minister Yannis,

4: Professor of Engineering Seismology, Imperial College London - Nicholas Ambraseys

5:imitris Anastassiou - MPEG-2 algorithm developer of high quality audio and video over limited bandwidth, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.

6: John Argyris - one of the founders of the finite element method, a professor at Imperial College London and the University of Stuttgart 

7:Dimitri Bertsekas-Professor of Engineering at MIT

8: Costas Azariadis--Professor, Department of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, Edward Mallinckrodt, Professor of Distinguished Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, St. Louis.

9: Giorgio de Chirico-painter, Greek applied mathematician, professor of Brown University, Norbert · Wiener Applied Mathematics Award winner.

10: Constantinos Daskalakis-Computer Scientist, MIT Professor

11: George Oswego Nimatas - former congressman, minister and founding member of the Pan-Greek Socialist Movement

12: John · Ilioopoules - Dirac Medalist

13: Paris Carnegies - Computer Scientist, Professor of Brown University

14: Linda PBKatehi - President of the University of California, Davis

15: Nikos Markatos-President of the National University of Athens 

16: Konstantin · former president of Papadakis-Drex University

17: Christos Papadimitriou - Computer Scientist, winner of the 2002 Kanus Award, a long-term and groundbreaking contribution to the foundations of computer science.

18:Nicholas A.Peppas-Engineering Professor, University of Texas at Austin

19:Dimitris Pikionis-Architect

20:George Prokopiou-Ship King

21: Charalambos Bouras-historian, professor of architectural history and restoration architect

22: Athanasios Roussopoulos--Professor of Applied Statics and Iron Structures, National Technical University of Athens, Greek Parliamentary Member and Minister of Public Works

23: Michael Triatafyllou - Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota and NTUA, a pioneer in theoretical and experimental geomechanics.

24: Iannis · Shenakis - one of the most important avant-garde composers after the war, a pioneer in the use of mathematical models in music and architects.

25:Mihalis Yannakakis-Computer scientist, winner of the 2005 Kanus Prize, he made many breakthrough contributions to theoretical computer science.

26:Mihail Zervos-Professor of Financial Mathematics at the London School of Economics

27: Theodosios Tasios-Professor of the National University of Athens, writer, civil engineer 

28: Professor Emmanouil Korres-, writer, restoration architect


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