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Why invest in Greece



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Why invest in Greece


Great European economies

The EU is an economy boby consists of 28 countries, and its huge economic volume guarantees a stronger stability of holding euro assets.



The second largest reserve currency in the euro

The euro is the second largest reserve currency, with a certain proportion of euros, reducing the risk of shrinking renminbi assets

Data Source: International Monetary Fund





US dollars







Pound Sterling




Canadian dollar


Swiss Franc


Australian dollar


Other currencies


USD depreciates against the euro

The US Department of Labor announced the US non-agricultural report for May 2019. After the adjustment of the US in May, the non-agricultural employment increased by 75,000, far below the expected increase of 185,000. Fed Chairman Powell no longer insists on his “patient” approach, but acknowledges the risks posed by trade conflicts, saying the Fed will “react” as appropriate. In the long run, the US dollar intends to cut interest rates.



New Cold War between China and the United States

The Sino-US trade war has developed to a fever, and neither China nor the United States have any plans to compromise. At the beginning of June, Trump took the opportunity to visit Normandy to visit Europe, and China visited Russia to establish strategic cooperation. In the long run, the risk of RMB assets is relatively high, and it is recommended to allocate some euro hedging.



Reborn in Greece

The 2008 financial crisis hit Greece and the economy continued to decline.

Greece's fiscal deficit in 2009 was -12.7%, much higher than the EU standard line of 3%. The national debt is as high as 300 billion euros.

In 2010, Prime Minister Papandreou passed the austerity bill to seek IMF bailouts, mainly through cuts in welfare, and the Greeks protested.

Papandreou stepped down in 2011. Papademos was temporarily appointed as the Prime Minister of the Greek coalition government, responsible for the implementation of the rescue plan.

In May 2012, Greek banks appeared to run. In June of the same year, Antonis · Samaras took office and established the New Democratic government.

In 2013-2014, the New Democracy and the Left Alliance continued to struggle, eventually the Left Alliance won, and Tsipras became the new Prime Minister

In 2015, the new Prime Minister Tsipras came to power, Greece passed the new immigration bill, and 250,000 euros to buy a house can get a green card.

2016-2017 immigration measures brought by the new government to stimulate economic growth in Greece, the Greek economic crisis officially ended.



Greece 10 Years Economy

Since 2008, the global financial crisis has spread to Greece, and Greece is in its own debt dilemma After several rounds of fiscal austerity, the change of government, and people's protest, the Greek economy turned around in 2015, and the first economic growth was seen in 2016.

Greece’s sovereign credit rating had been lowered several times since 2009 by three major rating agencies, The yield on 10-year government bonds had soared, reached a peak of 36.59% since 2012. After a series of rescues by the IMF and the European Central Bank, the Greek economic crisis gradually subsided, and the Greek government bond yield returned to the normal value of 2.85%.



Tourism boom


According to the statistics of the Bank of Greece, compared with 2017 (271.94 million), the number of inbound tourists in 2018 increased by 10.8% to 30.123 million. 21,398,000 people came from EU member states, an increase of 15.1% year-on-year, of which 4.381 million were German tourists, an increase of 18.2% compared with 2017; French tourists increased by 7.3% to 1.524 million; for UK who are leaving the EU, the tourists number is down. 2% to 2.943 million. The number of people from non-EU countries was 87.25 million,grew by 1.3% year-on-year, of which Russia fell 11.6% to 5.2 million due to anger over the Prespa agreement and religious confrontation between Archbishop of Constantinople and Archbishop of Moscow; The number of American tourists increased by 26.9% to 1.97 million.



Belt and Road

The Belt and Road is the abbreviation of “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. In September and October 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a joint initiative to build the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. Relying on the existing dual and multilateral mechanisms of China and relevant countries, and with the existing and effective regional cooperation platform, we will jointly build a community of interests, a community of destiny and a community of responsibility for political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusion. The Greek government attentively recognizes that the “Belt and Road” initiative is significant for Greece, where the economy is picking up. Greece must take advantage of its own comparative advantages and build itself into an important global trade, energy and transportation center. .

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