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It turned out to be a simple Greek identity for the family.



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It turned out to be a simple Greek identity for the family.

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It turned out to be a simple Greek identity for the family.

As a non-traditional immigrant country, Greece is so popular that it has a lot to do with its simple immigration policy and obvious advantages. Nowadays, more and more applicants want to apply for an identity for their family after obtaining permanent residency status in Greece. The relatives of the applicants either because they did not have time or did not consider it. Many applicants wanted to immigrate after immigrating to Greece. This situation can be handled in Greece. The spouse, children and parents of the main applicant You can apply for it, and you will get the same Greek status as the main applicant (ie, the permanent residence status in Greece).



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Need to be aware of: at which immigration office the main applicant submits the application The material, the family member of the reunion family must be submitted at which immigration office. Family members currently reunited cannot be submitted at any local immigration office in Greece.

Reminder:Because the Greek local immigration office needs to see the schedule, the Lord Applicants who want to reunite relatives need to consult an appointment early!


Greek Reunion Immigration Application Conditions

1, the main applicant has obtained the Greek permanent residence status by purchasing the Greek local property;

2, the spouse of the main applicant, the children under the age of 21, the parents of the main applicant and the parents of the spouse may apply for reunion;

3, no criminal record.


Greek reunion application process

1. Inform the lawyer to make an appointment for the immigration time.

According to the current immigration schedule, the time for the applicant to submit the application materials (cycle 1-2 months)

Second, prepare the immigration application materials

After the appointment time is down, the application materials will be prepared 3 months in advance according to the appointment time (cycle 1-3 months)

Third, apply for a Schengen visa

Prepare for visa application, about 10-15 work sunrise sign after submission, subject to the time of the embassy hearing (cycle 15-20 working days)

Fourth, landing in Greece

According to the appointment time, land in Greece 2-3 working days in advance, sign the relevant documents (cycle 1-2 working days)

5. Submit the immigration application materials and collect fingerprints

According to the appointment time, with the assistance of a lawyer, submit the reunion application materials and collect fingerprints (1 working day)

Six, waiting for approval

After submitting the immigration application materials, return to the country to wait for the approval of the immigration bureau (cycles from February to March, the local immigration authorities in Greece may not wait for the approval cycle)

Seven, get the Greek permanent residence card

After obtaining approval, the Immigration Bureau obtained a permanent residence card and successfully handled the reunion




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The following benefits are available for the Greek Everlasting Card

1. Freedom to Schengen

Greece is a member of the European Union and is also a Schengen country. This means that you can travel freely within 26 Schengen countries, eliminating lengthy customs inspections; staying in any other Schengen country for up to three months, and the right to travel multiple times during each six-month period.

2. Quality Education

Greek education belongs to the European education system and has a rich history. It is one of the countries that established the education system. Basic education in Greece pays more attention to children's independent thinking, leadership and logical thinking. After getting the Greek Everlasting Card, you can attend public schools for free, or you can choose to have your children attend international schools established in Greece in Europe and the United States. The tuition fees of international schools are relatively low, only 1/2-2/3 of the domestic. The Greek education is internationally recognized and can be applied for better and higher education in the world with Greek transcripts. If you choose to study in other EU countries, children with a Greek residence permit can also enjoy the benefits of EU students (EU tuition is basically 50%-70% of overseas student tuition)



3. Cost-effective green card

Compared with other European real estate projects, Greece's 250,000 euros to buy a house immigrant can be said to be a cheap economy immigration project.

4. Enjoy high quality living with ultra low prices

Compared with the prices of other European countries, Greece's prices are very cheap. Vegetables cost 1-2 euros per kilogram, a whole chicken costs only 2 euros, and 1 kilogram cuts salmon 11 euros. And the Mediterranean climate of Greece has created a unique diet, world-renowned olive oil, refreshing Feta cheese, world-famous Greek yogurt, fresh green salad, meat, poultry and fine wines. Greek cuisine is also in the world food industry. To have a role to play. In Greece, people can not only enjoy a variety of fruits, such as figs, cherries, watermelons, islands and coastal areas, but also enjoy fresh and rich seafood. Due to its richness and diversity, the Greek diet is considered to be one of the healthiest structures in the world, effectively preventing the reduction of cardiovascular disease and allowing people to live longer.

5. Perfect medical system

Different from the current situation of “difficult to see a doctor and expensive to see a doctor”, as long as you get the permanent residence card in Greece, you can enjoy medical services in Greece by purchasing medical insurance as well as local residents. Greece's health care system ranks 14th among the 191 countries surveyed, and medical care accounts for 10.8% of GDP expenditure, much higher than other developed countries. The cure rate of diseases in Greece is high, and the average life expectancy of the Greeks is 80.3 years old, which is among the highest in the world.



6. Do business in Greece, you can self-employ

There are many choices in Greece to obtain economic resources. It is also possible to start a company self-employment, such as opening a family hotel, a Chinese restaurant, a small supermarket, or purchasing. The local olive oil is world-famous, the price of Greek luxury goods is relatively low, and Greece is famous for its scenery. It is also a good business opportunity for many married couples to go to the local to take wedding photos.

7. Will be ranked first in the 2019 global gold visa for permanent residence in Greece

Recently, BestCitizenships website has passed the investment amount, processing time, permanent or temporary residence, time and requirements for obtaining nationality, whether there are immigration supervisors, government-issued immigration quotas, education system, medical system, human development index, passport gold content, real estate. As a measure of various factors such as price, the country ranked 2019 as the world's best “golden visa”, and Greece ranked first with 84 points (out of 100). Many people choose Greece not only for their identity, but also for investment. Although Greece has experienced an economic crisis, in recent years, under the government's rectification, the hat of the debt crisis has been removed. With the development of the economy, it has become an investment treasure in the eyes of investors.


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