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Lanting Kozanis Residence



Lanting Kozanis Residence

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Lanting Kozanis Residence is located in the emerging wealthy area of ​​the southern coast of Athens, close to the city. Close to the light rail, convenient transportation, direct access to the three stations by the sea, is the preferred place for holiday residence. The project was built in 2002 and consists of 5 floors. The ground floor is a garage and storage room. The 4th floor is a hardcover apartment. The apartment is 91-125 square meters. It has one floor, two rooms, two rooms and two bathrooms. The large balcony can be viewed. View the surrounding scenery.

◎Excellent area: Located on the first stop of the southern coastal area, PaleoFaliro Commercial Street, it is the closest area to the center of Athens in the southern coastal city. It is also a rich and popular upper-class society in the emerging seaside resorts and wealthy residential areas of Athens. Commercial economic pedestrian street, convenient transportation, the largest yacht marina and sand disaster in the Mediterranean, civilized community.. Attracting the world to come to settle down in the home, rising house prices in the region, is the appreciation of the southern investment.

◎ Convenient transportation: The project is 15 minutes drive from the downtown Acropolis scenic spot. The light rail is directly connected to the Zeus Temple. The light rail station is 450 meters away. The three stations directly reach the yacht marina, the 8-minute drive goes directly to the Fuxing old airport development project, and the 10-minute drive to the golf course traffic. Convenient. Easy to travel.

◎ new housing project: the project is scarce new housing, no 24% real estate transaction value-added tax. - Ladder - - with underground parking spaces and gardens, good privacy, beautiful living environment, cost-effective.

◎ Mature Life: Within 500 meters of the project, it is a commercial center, a bank, a commercial pedestrian street, a school, a government department and a hotel. It is 450 meters away from the light rail station. It is directly connected to the seaside by the 3 stations. The light rail leads directly to the city center besieged museum. It is also convenient for tourists. A convenient place to be.


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ADD:9, Syngrou Avenue,Athens ,Greece

TEL:+30 - 6907290064






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